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French Bull Dogs






Breeding English and French Bulldogs

Mating your bulldog

Mating your dog is hard work.

Bulldog puppies require 24 hour care for a minimum of three weeks, meaning no sleep and 100% commitment is needed.

When you choose to mate with our stud dogs you can rest assured we are a reputable breeder .

Our stud dogs are of of great pedigree , healthy , and proven show winners.

All our mating ovulation testing and ultrasound scanning are all carried out in our purpose built sterile mating room.

For your peace of mind CCTV monitors around all of our kennels to ensure the safety of your dog during the mating process.

Please contact us
for up to date information
on what dogs are available for stud

100% success for everyone
who have followed
our mating program in 2011 ,
95% for 2014 and 95% 2015

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    Our Stud Dog Fees


    Option 1
    £75 up front fee additional £500 upon a production of live puppies
    If you plan to board your dog with us an additional charge of £7 per night will be added.

    Option 2
    £500 on time of mating
    If bitch misses the next mating is free .
    Free boarding for up to seven days.

    Now offering free pregnancy ultrasound scan

    sperm mobility testing
    Sperm Mobility Testing

Take a look at our other website www.caninebreedingservices.co.uk
for more information about the breeding services we provide


Stud Dogs Available

Neibull the Governor

Neibull the Player

Bradiebe Redmond at Neibull

Now And Then Neibull


The Game Changer



Contact   Neil Davies
Tel :  07966 663598

E-mail Neil@neibullshowdogs.co.uk